Davidson Capital Advisors: Trusted Partner for M&A, Restructuring & More in the Lower Middle Market

Discover excellence in M&A, restructuring, and more with Davidson Capital Advisors—your trusted partner for success in the Lower Middle Market. Davidson Capital Advisors is a leading investment bank and financial advisory firm providing services including M&A advisory, capital raising, and restructuring to lower middle market companies. With decades of experience and a stellar reputation, Davidson Capital Advisors has become a go-to partner for businesses seeking to execute complex financial transactions and overcome challenges.

Davidson Capital Advisors: Trusted Partner for M&A, Restructuring & More in the Lower Middle Market
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Founded in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis, Davidson Capital Advisors was created to serve the vastly underserved lower middle market. The firm's partners average over 20 years of relevant experience from top tier investment banks and have completed over 130 transactions to date across a wide range of industries.

Davidson Capital Advisors takes a hands-on, relationship-driven approach to understanding client needs and objectives. The firm prioritizes open communication and transparency throughout the process, so clients fully understand the logic behind recommended solutions. This high-touch partnership method ensures optimal outcomes tailored to unique client goals.

M&A Advisory Services

One of Davidson Capital Advisors' core service offerings is M&A advisory, including both buy-side and sell-side representations. The firm handles all aspects of deal execution from start to finish.

On the buy-side, Davidson Capital Advisors helps clients identify acquisition targets, assess fit from strategic, cultural and valuation perspectives, negotiate terms and close deals. The firm leverages its extensive network to source proprietary opportunities not available through an auction process.

On the sell-side, Davidson Capital Advisors runs tailored and highly competitive sale processes designed to maximize value. The team manages outreach to the most strategic buyers, facilitates due diligence, negotiates letter of intent and purchase agreement terms, and works closely with management until the transaction successfully closes.

Throughout the M&A process, the Davidson Capital Advisors team provides critical guidance on valuation, deal structure, timing, tax implications and more. Their deep expertise and connections enable clients to navigate negotiations and close the optimal deals.

Capital Raising

Access to capital is vital for companies of all sizes looking to grow, maneuver through downturns or capitalize on opportunities. Davidson Capital Advisors helps businesses raise capital through multiple vehicles tailored to their specific needs.

For smaller financing needs, the firm advises on appropriate debt instruments including senior credit facilities, mezzanine debt, and subordinated notes. For larger capital raises, Davidson Capital Advisors leverages its extensive network to source private capital solutions including private equity, credit funds, family offices and more.

The team manages every aspect of fundraising, from developing materials to articulating the investment thesis to structuring terms. Their capital markets expertise and relationships with key investors help clients raise capital efficiently at compelling terms.

Restructuring Services

Davidson Capital Advisors is a trusted partner for companies facing financial or operational challenges. The firm's restructuring practice provides solutions to address distressed situations, execute turnarounds, and set up clients for future success.

Specific restructuring services include refinancing or recapitalization to improve liquidity, designing and implementing turnaround plans, representing clients in bankruptcy or reorganization, and acting as financial advisor in wind downs. The Davidson Capital Advisors team can also serve in interim leadership roles as CEO, CFO or CRO to guide through periods of transition.

The firm develops customized and actionable plans calibrated to the client's objectives, leverage, liquidity position, and market conditions. Their independent advice delivers the best path forward to protect stakeholder value.

A Partner with Decades of Experience

The partners at Davidson Capital Advisors contribute deep expertise in all aspects of corporate finance and M&A strategy. Their senior experience at firms including Lazard, Lincoln International, and Piper Jaffray provides clients with world-class capabilities.

However, what truly sets the firm apart is their creative, solutions-oriented approach tailored to each client's situation. The team thinks outside the box and leaves no stone unturned to address unique challenges and unlock value.

Davidson Capital Advisors is dedicated to the lower middle market, and they understand the nuances of guiding privately held businesses versus large public companies. Clients benefit from their comprehensive capabilities delivered within a hands-on, long-term partnership model.

Whether seeking capital, strategically buying, selling or restructuring, Davidson Capital Advisors has the experience and network to execute optimal outcomes in the lower middle market. They offer a truly comprehensive range of services most firms can't match.

The firm's partners get to know client businesses inside and out, so they can provide trusted guidance at critical financial inflection points and beyond. Davidson Capital Advisors strives to become a valued partner for the long haul.

For middle market businesses seeking an advisor with proven expertise, creativity and commitment, Davidson Capital Advisors is the go-to choice. Contact their team to learn more about how they can provide strategic M&A, capital raising and restructuring solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


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