Top 10 Best Wealth Advisors to Work With in 2023 | Expert Financial Planning Help

Top 10 Best Wealth Advisors to Work With in 2023 | Expert Financial Planning Help Find the top-rated financial advisors and wealth managers to help you plan your finances and invest your money in 2023. Finding the right wealth advisor or financial planner can make a huge difference in reaching your financial goals. With so many options to choose from, narrowing down the best wealth management firms and financial advisors can be overwhelming. That's why we've compiled this list of the top 10 best wealth advisors to work with in 2023.

Top 10 Best Wealth Advisors to Work With in 2023 | Expert Financial Planning Help


What makes these wealth management firms and financial advisors stand out is their level of experience, high client satisfaction ratings, range of financial planning and investment services offered, customization for each client, transparency in fees, and proven success helping clients work towards financial freedom. They have demonstrated an ability to help grow and protect client assets through smart investing strategies tailored for each individual's risk tolerance and goals.

In compiling this list of top-rated advisors, we considered advisors across the U.S. with over 15 years experience on average. These firms stand out for areas of expertise like retirement planning, investment management, estate planning needs, business owners' unique finances, executive compensation, and wealth transfer needs. They work with a variety of account sizes from modest assets to ultra high net worth individuals. So no matter what stage you’re at in building and preserving your wealth, you’re likely to find an excellent match on this list.

What the Top 10 Best Wealth Advisors for 2023 Have in Common:

  • Holistic financial planning expertise
  • Personalized portfolios and asset management
  • Ongoing support to adapt with life changes
  • Full transparency on fees and services
  • Strong performance even during volatile markets
  • Excellent client satisfaction ratings after years in business

Now without further ado, read on see detailed overviews of each of the top 10 highly rated wealth advisors and financial planners make our list to consider working with in 2023.

  1. Creative Planning - With over $260 billion assets under management, Creative Planning is one of the largest RIAs in the U.S. They provide a wide array of tax, estate, investment management and retirement planning services. For versatility working with all account sizes, they stand out.
  2. Mequoda Financial - Catering to executives, business owners, and families with over $2 million in investable assets, Mequoda develops highly-customized financial plans tailored to each client’s situation. Their proprietary investment research helps clients beat benchmarks.
  3. Networth Advisory Group - From 401(k) rollovers to estate strategies, Networth uses industry-leading analytics to advise clients ranging from doctors to real estate investors on tax-advantaged investing and wealth management.
  4. Stratos Wealth Partners - Managing over $11 billion in AUM, Stratos works with individuals, families, endowments and retirement plans on goal-based financial planning and investing, with expertise in portfolio management and asset protection.
  5. Creative Capital Management - Creative Capital tailors portfolios to every client’s time horizon and risk tolerance, with comprehensive wealth management expertise from investments to tax strategies and estate planning needs.
  6. Lumina Financial Consultants - Aligning financial decisions with personal values and life goals is Lumina’s specialty. With an acclaimed entrepreneurship program, they work with business owners of all sizes on exit strategies, executive comp, and rapid growth planning.
  7. Oxford Wealth Advisors LLC - Oxford Wealth Advisors leverage institutional-level research to construct custom portfolios. With extremely high client retention, they are fiduciaries who put client interests first.
  8. Kanawha Capital Management LLC - From building long-horizon investment portfolios to navigating major life events, Kanawha Capital guides high net worth individuals and their families with nuanced wealth management.
  9. Bicknell Financial Advisors LLC - Leading clients from portfolio construction to tax planning and trust services, Bicknell advisors leverage decades in the industry with a sophisticated financial planning software to help clients pursue their definition of a rich life.
  10. WD Cleary LLC - Offering unbiased financial advice through fee-only planning since 1987, WD Cleary’s stewardship model keeps the next generation’s best interest core to the mission of serving families pursuing their unique financial goals over decades.

Ready to Pursue Your Financial Goals?

If you didn't see an advisor with the right specialty or client focus on this list, don't worry. Many outstanding firms focus on particular niches and may still be an excellent fit to help you pursue financial freedom.

The most important step is prioritizing finding the wealth management expert that's right for your specific situation. Whether you want guidance on early retirement planning, building assets to provide for family members, or investing capital from selling your business, the advisors on this list can help. Reach out for an introductory consultation to see if working together may be a good match to enable you to achieve what matters most to you.


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